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May 18, 2021
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June 18, 2021
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May 18, 2021
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June 18, 2021
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Quilts in Congress

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

I’m hoping our notification issues with blog posts have been resolved. If a few of you comment on this post today, that will help me and Shez ( our web guy ) know whether or not the problem is now solved.

Last night’s guild meeting was enjoyable. The ruler demos were great; I always learn something new from our resident experts. Congratulations to Annette M-G who won our guild’s spring challenge. We were each given a postcard which we were to interpret in any manner we chose in quilt form. Annette’s block printing of drift wood found along Lake Erie ( I believe, correct me Annette if I’m incorrect) was a perfect interpretation of the Japanese print on her postcard. It also was a perfect complement to Betty L’s early bird special on printing from nature. She demoed using vegetables and air brush paint in somewhat of a rubber stamping style to print images onto cloth. This would be a perfect craft for the summer time with a bunch of crafty kiddos.

I may be late to the party, but I just found out this week about this congressional connection to quilting. I think most of you who’ve been quilting awhile know of Liz Porter. She is half of the dynamic quilting duo Fons and Porter. I used to love watching their show on PBS, and am the proud owner of many of their books. My favorite method for joining binding ends is a variation of “Liz’s bumpless binding” technique. I’ve been using it forever. I’ll also guess that many of you who follow the news know of Congresswoman Katie Porter, who is known for her surgically precise questioning of  important folks testifying before Congress. I’ll bet when she brings out her white board and dry erase marker it strikes fear into many a heart. Well, guess what! Liz and Katie are mother and daughter! I know! Amazing.

You can search YouTube for many video clips of the two of them together, but here’s one already chosen for you. Click here.

In case you haven’t seen Katie in action, watch her do some basic math to render this chief executive speechless. Click here.

Katie and her mom Liz are both very good at what they do.


  1. Loretta Cadwallader says:

    Interesting blog.

  2. Linda Hunter says:

    Thank you so much for both of these videos. I love that a woman and her simple math stumped a bank executive. Although, I’m sure he knew the correct answer ! Also, I think everyone should know that last night’s second place winner in the challenge was Mary Ellen. It was an excellent representation of her post card – and a rather mathematical interpretation as a sunflower. Congratulations!

  3. JoAnn Castiglia says:

    Great meeting last night and congratulations to all the winners. We are so blessed to have such creative members that are part of our Guild
    Love Fons and Porter.

    • Mickey Wittliff says:

      I recognized Katie Porter but didn’t know she was Liz’s daughter. Now I will pay more attention when I’m reading or listening to anything political. Thanks you so much for the YouTubes and information.

  4. LorraineRacle says:

    Thanks for the info. I will take a closer look at congressional events. Glad our problems seem resolved!

  5. Sharon M Militello says:

    Looks like I missed a really interesting meeting. I’ll have to watch it on you tube
    Thanks Mary ellen

  6. Annette Meyer-Grunow says:

    Thank you for your kind comments and gratulations to you and all the winners.
    The drift wood was found along the river in North Tonawanda ( may be it is still lake Erie). After the winter storms it just gets stuck there. Tried to do suminagashi before doing this, but the ink would not float well.
    Enjoyed the two videos. Did watch the quilt ones years ago 🙂

  7. Cathy Chretien says:

    Thank you Mary Ellen for all your interesting information. You continue to keep all of us inspired
    and connected. I appreciate all that you do,

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