springtime sewing
March 17, 2021
very sad news
March 26, 2021
springtime sewing
March 17, 2021
very sad news
March 26, 2021
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National Quilting Day

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

It’s our holiday today! And it’s the first day of spring! What a great coincidence. Are you doing something quilty or springy to celebrate?

In the discussion at our guild meeting on Thursday night questions came up about using old thread. Several ladies mentioned being given loads of thread by friends who are cleaning out houses or closets. I too have been the recipient of lots of old thread. I have a lamp that has a base which can be filled with whatever you wish. I put a bunch of the spools, completely randomly, into the base. It sits near my favorite reading spot. (Bought the lamp at HomeGoods.)

I hate to throw away things that I could use down the road for “something”. I’m sure if you enjoy crafting you also know that feeling of not throwing things away because “I could use that for….”  If you have a bunch of thread spools in your stash you might like to browse one of my pinterest boards where I keep ideas for them. There are a few Easter/spring ideas that I may have to try out since they have now been brought to the forefront of my crafty brain. The board includes  some ideas that were intended for using wine corks. I thought that they could easily be tweaked for spools. Click here if you’d like to look.

comment prompt: What quilty project have you made that has bunnies or spring flowers on it?


  1. Betty Lerner says:

    Love the lamp!!!

  2. Sylvia Siegel says:

    Great idea to decorate with spools.

  3. Joann L. McGowan says:

    I made a wool pincushion with a bunny on it. It fits in a handmade wooden carrier.

  4. Annette Meyer-Grunow says:

    Great ideas. My favorites are the bobbin pixies, the gnomes and the bottle brush bobbin trees. There really is something for every time of the year.
    May I send it to my daughter for the grandchildren?

  5. Mickey Wittliff says:

    I clicked on your Pinterest board but all I am getting is a very congested board of quilts, recipes and ads.. Is this your Pinterest board.? It is the same board that has replaced ones I have been getting of just quilts. I don’t know if Pinterest changed it or I inadvertently did something..anyone else having this problem?

    • MaryEllen says:

      Mickey, did you click on the blue link in the blog post, or did you go to Pinterest.com yourself? I think the link in the blog post is working and would take you directly to the thread ideas board of mine. No one else has told me of difficulties. If you go to Pinterest .com you’ll arrive at their opening screen which changes all the time. Let me know if the link in the blog post works.

  6. Sharon M Militello says:

    I love your lamp! I’ve been finishing projects that I had forgotten about, you know I’ll do this latter stuff. Trying to clean out, so I can start some new projects.

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