corona quilt second installment
March 20, 2020
shout out to all you mask makers
March 28, 2020
corona quilt second installment
March 20, 2020
shout out to all you mask makers
March 28, 2020
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making masks

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

I’ve decided to take a short break from posting more about the corona quilt challenge. I’m betting that many of you are making masks for various places.
If you have a concern that the masks will not be used (lots of hype on internet about this), rest assured that we have an official e-mail from Roswell that they will be used there. For now that is where ours will be going, My advice would be to check with the facility that you would like to support to see if they are taking mask donations, and what their parameters are. Despite all of the news coverage about masks now coming from the feds, we know that there still is a phenomenal shortage.

We quilters have the skill (and more than enough fabric!) to do our bit to help. Put on a Netflix show, or a book on tape, or some of your favorite music and go to it.

Here’s today’s prompt for a comment to be entered in the guild birthday drawing for prizes.

When you’re sewing what do you like to listen to? (For me its a mix of either James Taylor, or Michael Buble, or a cappella groups (sp?))

Stay calm and healthy. We’ll get through this!


  1. Sharon militello says:

    I like to watch Hallmark movies, they are light hearted also cooking shows
    I try not to watch much news, just enough to keep informed as to what’s going on. AND when we can really get out of time out

  2. Sharon Militello says:

    I like to watch Hallmark movies, they’re easy to watch also the cooking shows. Do not like to watch to much news just enough to keep up. Can’t wait to get out of time out!

  3. Annette Meyer-Grunow says:

    Zoomer radio 740 AM

    It is a Canadian radio station, lots of music, different decades, gardening show Saturday morning 9am, car show for you hubby at 10am.

  4. Sylvia Siegel says:

    I love to listen to books on cd or on the public library web site.

  5. Jackie Groszkowski says:

    I love to listen to Broadway show tunes. I know some of the songs and can sing along. The best part is I’m alone and nobody heard me.

  6. Joann McGowan says:

    A Canadian station that plays classic jazz as well as some CDs of golden oldies. RE: MASKS – I got an email from Homestead Hearth that recommended using batiks ( tighter weave) , and lining them with non-woven interfacing (soft-fuse or one of the ones made by pellon) . Anyone else hear this? any comments?

  7. Annette Meyer-Grunow says:

    Fusible, even the light weight , makes the fabric stiffer, it lets steam through and makes the three folds less pliable. Just fused some T shirts. Heard from the mother of a nurse that some people use the fabric masks under their surgical mask.

  8. Annette Meyer-Grunow says:

    One more comment
    I saw somebody using green covered garden wire at the top edge of the masks for pinching over the nose. As a gardener, II can tell you, that that wire rusts. People will put their masks into the washing machine, which subjects the wire to suds.

    • One of my nurse friends said some people are using pipe cleaners for the nose piece. That may rust also, though. I don’t know. I am using beading wire. Paper clips have been suggested, also.

    • Mary Ellen says:

      I saw in one of the videos I watched that twist ties were suggested for the nose “pinch”. Some of mine have paper over the wire and some have plastic. I never use the ties that come with the garbage bags so will be using the plastic covered ones in my masks.

  9. I enjoy listening to Broadway Show tunes. My favorite right now is “Come From Away” as well as “Hamilton”. I also love Yanni and Andrew Lloyd Weber. My brother got me interested in Libera, which is a boys choir that sings really beautiful music.They are from London and gave a concert here in 2008. And, I have a CD by Ricky Tims (two, actually) that I enjoy. I notice that if I watch a movie or video, I don’t sew as much!. As for making masks, I decided that batiks are more closely woven and might be better barriers. And, I have been putting a light weight fusible on one of the layers. I am making masks for Eastern Niagara Hospital per their pattern, which is a two piece front, two layer, with a space between layers for a barrier. I am also making the masks for the guild. I just bought 1/4″ elastic on-line to be delivered next week, so masks will not be finished until then. I have had several nurses tell me that anything we make will be much appreciated.

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