running reds
January 21, 2014
a little of this, a little of that
January 31, 2014
running reds
January 21, 2014
a little of this, a little of that
January 31, 2014
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Wednesday’s Wanderings

Hi everyone,

how are you keeping warm?

I find that these days I need that extra 20 minutes after coming in from the cold to just sit under the quilt, with hot tea or coffee – just to warm-up and bring myself to normal – and only THEN I can function properly! Of course all this winter stuff is nothing new for us here, but sometimes just listening to all the media talk makes me feel apprehensive and nervous, then Marley and I go out and I realize – oh it’s not that bad, just normal Buffalo stuff… 🙂 Granted, even our walks are shorter a bit and I even saw my snow-dog lift his paws few times during the walk, when it starts being a little uncomfortable… but just look at his face after the walk! I swear he is smiling every time!


This was just the other morning. With that face, how can one NOT be happy to go out and have a good walk? Marley is really my best health plan, I tell you.

For the emotional and mental health – well, quilting is there of course! I am feverishly working to fulfill my January plan and that means few late nights too since, of course all other life is going on. I will make it, I will make it…:)

Speaking of all other life – I am teaching not one, but two beginners quilting classes these days and it is just so much fun! Total of 13 new addicts in the making my friends, ha ha!! What I love THE MOST is the fact that I am seeing more and more young women wanting to learn and do quilting – pure thrill!! For example, among current 13 students I have, at least 7 are under or around their thirties! As I said – thrilling! This is one of my newer class samples:IMG_0963

Simple half-square triangles and all different types of quilting, binding etc. Have to say I haven’t made a quilt in just TWO colors in a long time…but really like this one!

Speaking of young quilters – do I have one to show you! Marilee Hatzenbuhler is not only so extremely talented and amazing young woman and quilter – she is our Martha Eddy’s niece and our Marjorie’s Hatzenbuhler daughter too!! She used to be our member also but she lives in Boston now. Thanks to this amazing technology we have now, you can still enjoy Marilee’s amazing work, right here ON HER BLOG . But of course I am going to entice and inspire you with some of this amazing young quilter’s work right now – just take a look! (shared with Marilee’s permission)

MHatz-4 MHatz-5and some amazing quilting:

MHatz-1 MHatz-3MHatz-2

These were some of Marilee’s first trials on feathers. One word comes to mind here – spectacular!

She is also a new quilt pattern designer and you will soon be able to buy her patterns! If you are on Facebook, you can follow Marilee’s inspirations and work on her page HERE .

Hmmmm…me thinks, this talented young lady should come to visit family and give us a trunk show at the guild sometime this year – don’t you think? :)

Of course with mom and aunt both amazing quilter’s Marilee has such a good foundation and inspiration, but what I think is so spectacular is that because of her, so many more YOUNG women, who maybe didn’t have that exposure in their family, will be inspired and encouraged to try it. Did I mention how thrilling this is? Maybe I did a few times… he he.

I can’t wait to share with you all the creations all my young ladies in classes will do in coming weeks. Teaching others is truly such an inspiration – share your stories, I am sure you all shared your love of quilting (or any other hand work) with people in your life.

Stay warm and stitch on,



  1. lori46 says:

    Always great to have younger women take up our passion. It’s a beautiful tradition to keep alive!

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