hunting for Bonnie
October 3, 2013
Quilt Market time….and some quick inspirations
October 28, 2013
hunting for Bonnie
October 3, 2013
Quilt Market time….and some quick inspirations
October 28, 2013
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Halloween quilts

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Do you have quilts that you only use at certain times of the year, or for certain special days? I’m talking about not just bed quilts, but any type of quilted project–table toppers, pillow covers, place mats, wall hangings, …

I have more quilts that are wall hangings than anything else. I do make bed sized quilts, but not nearly in the numbers as my other types of projects. Why? Mostly for the fact of having the project finished sooner, I guess. A bed quilt is a long-term project in my book. Often I have one underway that I work on in between my other things. My favorite way is to have the pieces going as leaders and enders (see Bonnie Hunter’s site for this idea. She’s our seminar national teacher for 2014; I learned this idea from Bonnie.)

I’ve been getting out a few more of my Halloween quilty things to add around the house. I’ve had some out since the beginning of the month, but am adding the ones that are really screaming Halloween now. I think my favorite motif for Halloween decorations is witches, particularly funky witch shoes and stockings. As I’m sitting here in the kitchen typing this, I’m looking at a small wall hanging made last year featuring four witchy legs. Each one has striped stockings, and a snazzy shoe of some sort. I added glitter and seasonal buttons when I decorated the shoes. One has candy corn buttons, one googly eyes at the lacing holes, and one has a spider in the buckle. The fourth has bats in the “leather” of the shoe. The borders are cut from a Halloween stripe fabric with spider webs and more witch feet. Lots of fun was had in the making of that hanging.

Do you have any Halloween quilts?


  1. Paula Foerder says:

    Yes, I have 2 Halloween wall hangings. One is only 12″ square. I had to make the other one because the fabric has a witch knitting. I don’t decorate that much for any holiday but I do seem to have a wall hanging that suits every holiday or season.

  2. Marie says:

    Just to let you and Marija know your blogs are informative, helpful with resources and missed when not viewed. Thank you both.
    Halloween, although not my most decorated season has become more interesting with the recent projects I’ve taken on. Twister Jack pumpkin wall hanging, some place mats with a new binding method I recently learned. and applied to this project (so much easier) and a few waiting for me. I better hurry Halloween is next week……

    • Marija says:

      Thank you Marie!
      And sorry (on my part) for being a bit scarce these days in blogging – promise to do better! 🙂
      Hey, didn’t you make that lovely wall hanging with witch-y legs like Mary Ellen is describing? I remember that from some show and tell… 🙂

  3. susan kogler says:

    Yes, I have Halloween wall hangings. I made them quite awhile ago.I used to hang them up in my classroom, as the students liked them. Other holidays—Every bed has a Christmas quilt…..even those of my children in other houses.

  4. Roxanne says:

    My son loves Halloween so a few years ago I made him a Halloween throw for his bed. Halloween brings the kid out of us all don’t you think.

  5. Diana says:

    I just finished making two halloween quilts. Halloween is a fun time… I eat more chocolate than usual!

  6. Marija says:

    Hmm…now that you made me think about it, Halloween is a holiday I DON’T have a quilt for! Interesting, never crossed my mind! I really don’t do much of Halloween decorating, more fall/Thanksgiving in general, even on the outside. Of course, pumpkin carved just before the Oct. 31st is a must, to show kids we have candy, but that’s about it. It might change once we have grandchildren, I hope! 🙂

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