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September 3, 2012
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September 11, 2012
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Sunbonnet Sue Anatomy

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Did you know September is National Sewing Month? What’s a good way to celebrate? Attend a quilt seminar-anybody know of one near by?!

Got up early this morning and am checking e-mail before heading out the door. (no, you’re not! you’re writing a blog post). In my e-mail was a notice of a blog hop from Moda designers, showcasing their new pre-cuts which they are calling “Candies”. They are bundles of 2 1/2″ squares. Each designer has a free pattern for using the candies-and the blog hop goes on for 10 days. Go here to get started if you want to have a look.

The first designer I visited was Barbara Brackman, a quilter of a bit of renown. The post that came up when I arrived at her site was her Thursday Sept 6 post about problems with Sunbonnet Sue’s anatomy. It brought to mind the perils of Sunbonnet Sue blocks that several of our ladies held up at the last guild meeting-so fun! You might enjoy looking at the photos of Sue on some old and well-loved quilts, with humorous commentary from Barbara. Go here!

When you are working on a quilt, looking at it from so close, mistakes that no one else will see are magnified in our eyes. Design flaws that everyone else will notice and not seen by us. These blocks in Barbara’s post make the point so well! So step back from the quilt now and then, and give it a good look from farther away. Those not-quite-perfect triangle points can probably stay in, and the upside down flying geese probably should come out!!


  1. Loretta says:

    You are so right about the mistakes. Many times a quilter will bring a top to me and tell me that it is far from perfect–not good points, etc.. The truth is that I am seeing their quilt up close, and most of the time I don’t notice the mistakes, unless they are horrific, which seldom happens. The actual quilting should help camoflauge (sp?) the mistakes. Although I believe in striving for excellance, I think we need to just enjoy the trip more.

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