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June 12, 2012
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June 18, 2012
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rainbow ripple

Hello all, ME here.

Kind of sounds like an ice cream flavor, doesn’t it? It’s actually a great bright quilt. Shows how the humble half square triangle and solid fabrics can be made into a wowser of a quilt. I’m always looking for more ways to quilt with my walking foot and I appreciated the close up of the quilting. I get so many questions from quilters at the shop about ways to quilt other than free motioning. (Is that a word?) I keep a collection of quilting designs that could be done with a walking foot-some photos, some sketches, some my own ideas, some CASED* from magazines and quilt shows. There certainly are so many that one needn’t stay in the ditch-that’s actually harder to do accurately anyway. Does anyone know of a quilt shop in the area that has a nice selection of solids like the ones used in the rainbow ripple quilt?

Here’s another design from the same blogger making a great pillow from solids (shot cottons actually this time) and half square triangles. I’ll bet one could make quilts for the rest of your days just using squares and half square triangles. Love the simplicity or the complexity that can be achieved with that most basic of blocks.

Are you going to watch the Wallenda walk today? I go back and forth-it’s history in the making as the hype is saying, but I’m a bit concerned about the fall in the middle of the journey across. I’m suspecting that Nik is in for a difficult time in the mist and air currents over the middle of the Falls. Do I want to watch it? Let you know next time.


*from the rubber stampers and scrapbookers, to CASE (verb): to Copy And Share Everywhere.

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