May 8, 2012

L. Goosey has been a little persnickety

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. It seems there is some interest out there in the Loosey Goosey Quilt-a-Long. Hopefully the problems some of you had, trying to print the paper piecing pattern have been resolved. Thanks to Marija for her help too, while I was “out of the office” today. Just a few general comments that may help some of you–first make sure that you have a recent version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Almost all pdf file that are posted, whether at Google Docs or any other such sharing site, are readable with Adobe Reader. Sometimes it automatically opens them; sometimes you have to first save the file and then you open it yourself via Adobe. If we get into more of this type of sharing on our blog, Adobe Reader will definitely be a help to you. Secondly when you are going to print patterns or […]
May 7, 2012


Hello all, Mary Ellen again. Thanks to Loretta, for getting a paper piecing demo set up for our next meeting. Maybe more will then join our inaugural Quilt-a-Long, Loosey Goosey. You can back up a post or find the details in the category widget in the sidebar. The first block is a paper pieced star. Probably an advanced beginner paper piecing block, the sections are easy to paper piece, but several (8) must be joined to form the starburst. You can do it!! I’ll be glad to help at any meeting. If you want to skip that block and just jump into the fray with a later block you certainly may, but come on…give it a try. You might want to use the same background for all of your stars (not a requirement). If so, keep that in mind when gathering up your fabrics. We’ll be making 6 blocks, 12″ […]
May 6, 2012

Meet Loosey Goosey–our first quilt-a-long

Good morning all, Mary Ellen here. What a gorgeous morning! Had a great long walk with the dog early while the dew was still sparkling in the sun. Needed a sweatshirt but once we got moving, the temperature was perfect. This weather can stay year round, if anyone is taking a survey. From my spot at the seminar table during our quilt show, I got a perfect view of all of our demos. We have some talented people in our guild! I watched Kelly and Jackie talk about paper piecing–two different methods, both interesting. I love to paper piece, but haven’t done much of it lately. This morning on the computer I came across this pattern for a Starburst block. Her samples in those gorgeous modern brights have motivated me to give this one a go. I mentioned doing a quilt-a-long in one of my posts at the previous home […]
May 5, 2012

My Favorite Things

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. Nope, I’m not starting off with words about fabric or sewing machines. My Favorite Things is the title of a concert I went to last evening. The director of the Buffalo Choral Arts Society is celebrating her 25th anniversary as the director, and chose many of her favorite songs for the program of the concert. I know of 2 guild connections to the chorus–Judy Balcerzak’s grandson has a solo in the concert. He is featured in the song “All that Jazz” from Chicago. What a surprise to hear the deep bass voice come from this young man! Kim Guido, one of our members, is a soprano in the chorus. The evening was great. Beautiful singing of a collection of tunes from Broadway shows. There is another performance tomorrow (Sun. May 6) at 3:00 at Rockwell Hall at Buff State. Wonderful way to spend a relaxed […]
May 4, 2012

Ta DA!!

Hi everyone, Mary Ellen here. Love that garden bench idea. I don’t have a work bench or wood working area, so building with the concrete blocks is right up my alley. The idea of planting right in it has lots of possibilities. Also love that there would be no painting/staining/water proofing involved! Have finished my two versions of the table topper I wrote about previously. Here they are. Different color placements–different looks. Can see lots of possibilities for this pattern. It would be very easy to change the size, since it uses basic blocks plus borders. Definitely a keeper pattern. (Table Cozees II by Clothesline Quilts) I hope my audience likes this pattern choice. What’s up for your weekend? Shopping? Stitching? Hobby? I hope it’s a great one for you. TTFN!  
May 4, 2012

Adding to the Fabulous Friday…

Hi everyone, I think Fabulous Friday is not bad at all! 🙂 Or at least that could be the first part of it? Anyway…I have couple of surprise-extra hours here at work , can you believe it? (well that’s enough for me to make  Friday fabulous, lol!) Its just that normally we have a lab meeting on Fridays from 10 to noon and today’s one got cancelled- me not knowing about that, came to work early to set all the experiments ahead of time…and voila! – some free time! So while checking my email, in the newsletter from Better Homes and Gardens (highly recommend that one!!) I found this – and since we are all in the gardening mode now I had to share: Isn’t this cool?! A nice bench made from just cinder blocks, with so many “extras”! Love the idea of planting some herbs or flowers right in […]
May 4, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. Marija and I have a flexible agreement about posting-not a schedule exactly but Monday is her day and Friday is mine. Just an easy arrangement to make sure that at least twice a week, something will get posted here. So far we have had no problems keeping up the flow of “information” to you, but if we ever don’t have something to say (LOL), we each have a once per week assignment! Since Friday is my day, I’ve wondered if I should come up with a theme for the Friday posts, and perhaps a catchy title. I know, “Fabulous Friday” doesn’t really do it for me either. I’m hoping you’ll help me come up with something. I might have written about this website, Colourlovers, at our previous blog. I really enjoy exploring there when I have time to spend. It is designed for all lovers […]
May 3, 2012

a bit shady

Hi Y’all, Mary Ellen again. Shady #1: The huge tree I wrote about a few posts back has been down for about a week now. A friend has been busy cutting up the majority of it for firewood. He’s down to the huge parts of the lower trunk now, so work has slowed down. You can imagine how much saw dust has been generated. My dog thinks it is a great cushy mattress and has enjoyed laying in it. His fur is the soft fine type, to which sawdust just loves to cling. Hence lots of sawdust has come into the house. I spent some time yesterday cleaning up what the loose sawdust I could-not easy because of the rain of late making it heavy and clingy. I was surprised how heavy and dense wet sawdust is-had to fill the paper lawn bags only part way full. They got to […]
May 1, 2012

getting back to real life

Hello all, Mary Ellen here Aren’t those photos on Marija’s post fun to look at? It’s nice to have time stand still for a moment in each shot, so I can really give a good look at everything in each photo. Somehow when it’s all happening in real-time, things go by so quickly they can’t be savored. How did Marija find time to take all those shots, with everything else she was doing at/for the show?! Real life is back–getting caught up on laundry, tried to catch up on yardwork but the rain intervened yesterday (will finish when it dries out), grocery shopping, dog training class, sewing for an upcoming class, ya-da, ya-da, ya-da. When I chose the pattern I will next be teaching, I was looking for a small-scale project that used some traditional blocks and could be made up quickly for gifts. I chose one that uses just […]