April 16, 2012

Monday lunch-time blurb…

Hi everyone, how was your weekend? I hope nice and relaxing! myself – haven’t had much time to relax, but it was nice! Lots of cooking and great family time – Saturday we had a farewell lunch for my daughter to see her off on one of her world travels for work (Nepal and Kenya this time), and then Sunday was our Easter – more cooking and good time with family and friends. Here is the result of family egg coloring (miraculously, my grown-up kids still indulge me in coming and doing this together – lucky me!)   : In Serbia, we have to fun Easter traditions – one is to have an “egg fight” (for the lack of better translation) on Easter morning: everyone picks one colored egg, you hold it in your hand and the other person taps on top of your egg with their egg – one of […]
April 6, 2012

A little lunch-time chat is back!!

Hello everyone, it is so great to be back in the blogosphere!! Of course I could wait ’til  weekend – had to post a quick lunch-time chat – yes I am one of the few working today, mostly “holding the fort” while most of my colleagues are off and feeding my cell cultures to survive the weekend. I could have taken the day off (boss offered!) but I am saving those days for the Quilt Show! Speaking of Quilt Show – are you excited yet?! I am getting really excited to see all your entries, to work with so many of you and set-up another amazing Show, to mingle with all the visitors admiring our works,  to educate ones who want to know more, to showcase Alice’s quilts, to hold some great demonstrations of good quilting techniques, tips or gadgets and yes – to enjoy some serious retail therapy with […]
April 6, 2012

It’s great to be back…

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. Marija and I spent a couple of hours last night getting the blog back in business. That gorgeous photo in our header is a border from our 2012 raffle quilt. Marija did the quilting on a long arm–you should see it “in person”. Lots of leaves, flowers, McTavishing (did I spell that right?). I think I’m going to buy lots of tickets. I would gladly redecorate the bedroom, were I to be so lucky to win it. Make sure to come to the quilt show (Apr. 27-29) so you can get a good look at it, along with about 300 other quilts. The retrospective of Alice Bachraty’s quilts (one of the founders of the guild) will be wonderful, and of course all the work from our members is not to be missed either. One of the reasons we have been wanting to go to a […]
April 5, 2012

Hey quilters!

We are back!!!! Hello everyone, we are currently quite busy getting ready for our biannual Quilt Show ( www.amqg.org ) but we started working on our new blog! Yes, there is a lot to learn about this new blog host and site, but we hope that is what will make it a much better blog for all of you! Please keep checking back, we will add a lot more new content soon! Thank you for your patience, Mary Ellen and Marija