Catch It Yuri!
July 19, 2023
Catch It Yuri!
July 19, 2023
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3 worst words

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. I just read a blog post from another quilter advertising her classes. She started off by talking about what she called the 3 dirty words in quilting. Can you guess what they are? When I was teaching classes and doing demos at one of our local quilt shops they would often be in the conversation. I taught a couple of classes to attempt to help quilters get over their distaste for these three words. Have I given you enough time to think it over? The words are usually found at the end of a pattern…”quilt as desired”. Do you agree with her? Her theory is that those words are a common source of the UFOs we all accumulate.

Let’s take a little survey to see what you readers think. Please answer in the comments.

A) Do you hate it when the pattern ends with those words?

B) Do you do quilt your own projects?

C)No, why not?

D)If yes, do you generally use free motion quilting, walking foot quilting, or a mixture?

E)How do you decide what sort of quilting to do?


  1. Sylvia Siegel says:

    I don’t hate the words quilt as desired , but I do love when a pattern includes suggestions for quilting. It’s often hard to find the perfect quilting pattern. I usually machine quilt my own quilts because I feel it makes the whole project mine. I’m lucky to have a great sewing machine with a large throat space. I also have the ability to still pin baste quilts by taping them to the floor. I love piecing quilt tops. Machine quilting is my least favorite part of creating a quilt.

  2. Mary Carroll says:

    I like receiving quilting patterns. Sometimes I follow them or do something similar.

    • Theresa Utz says:

      I am one that does not do any hand or machine quilting, but in my years of regular piecework, etc. I found my three worst words were “ Hell, damn, and shit” I don’t use all of them at the same time anymore but I still use all three. If the need arises.

  3. Teresa Utz says:

    Thanks, Mary Ellen. I’m sure there are a lot of others out there who totally agree with me on this. Have a great day.

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