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March 18, 2023
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How to cope!

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Have you got your new dress and Easter bonnet all set for Sunday? LOL! Are you also in the generation that got all new regalia for spring–not just a dress and hat, but also new shoes, lacy socks, a new slip and …

This week’s tip from Material Rewards is about putting coping borders on your quilt blocks. I just had to do that for a piece I’m making from several embroidered blocks. It’s a good technique to have in your arsenal.

Teri and Marty will talk to you about several ways to use this technique when working with panels. The one example they didn’t mention where I think coping borders would be equally helpful is for those of you who participate in block swaps. We all know that even if it was agreed in the rules of the swap that everyone’s block would be a certain size, lets say 12.5 inches, you will actually get quite an assortment of sizes in the blocks swapped. Makes for a pickle when you’re trying to assemble those swapped blocks into a quilt top.

Those of you who have been at this hobby awhile may remember Mary Ellen Hopkins and her “personal private measurement”.  Basically her philosophy was that as long as you were consistent in your seaming, it didn’t matter if your 1/4 inch seams weren’t exactly 1/4 inch. Not true! … unless your entire project will be made exclusively of squares all the same size. Those swapped blocks I referenced above might each have consistent seam widths, but if each quilter has her own personal private 1/4 inch, the collection of blocks will not play nicely together.

Here’s a link to Teri and Marty’s video about coping borders: click here.

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  1. Joy Baker says:

    After visiting the area since 2015, I have moved here and purchased a home in Cheektowaga. (I spent my birthday huddled with pets during our blizzard.) Although I took possession in early October, I am still trying to organize my sewing room, and getting surprises after opening yet another box labeled “nic nacs.” But I am becoming more familiar with businesses on Union and would like to get acquainted with your group. I won’t be organized enough to visit your meeting on the 18th, I would like to receive info from you and plan on the June meeting. I classify myself an intermediate, as I started quilting in 2011 after joining Piecemakers in Elmhurst, Illinois. I was born and raised in Washington State and moved to the Midwest in 2001. I just participated in the classes that Linda Hunter taught in Clearview. Thank you for the contact.

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