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March 12, 2022
National Quilting Day
March 19, 2022
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sunflower project progress

Hello all, Mary Ellen here,

We had a very productive planning meeting this week. I’m so happy that many ladies are participating in this project. Everyone is welcome to contribute as much or as little as you are able. Lots of completed blocks were shared at the meeting. I’m working on my first project with sunflower blocks, aiming to have a completed project to use for publicizing our raffle ticket sales at Maple weekend on March 27 at BNHV.  Here are a couple of shots of my favorite type of machine quilting. I like to use a serpentine stitch in a grid so I have very little marking to do. Have fun with this everyone and keep us posted on your progress! (The serpentine stitch helps to camouflage imperfections in the stitch in the ditch type quilting.)

  These show block # 2 from the patterns shared previously on this blog.


  1. Jane Browne says:

    I love the serpentine stitch. I used it on one of my quilts that will be in our show! Your project is looking great!

  2. Jean says:

    Looks nice! I am quilting a table runner now! Will be done by next week! Fun project!

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