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national quilting month

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Every year March is set aside as National Quilting Month. Guilds hold special events for their members. We will be celebrating our guild’s birthday at our meeting this month. We were founded in 1975–so 47 years for this group exploring quilting in its many dimensions.

I’m finding that I make many more small quilted projects of late–wall hangings, table runners, zip pouches, etc–than the larger lap robes and bed quilts. How about you? I got out my St. Patrick’s Day/March pieces yesterday and have decided I need one or two more small pieces. This small wall hanging of a shamrock came in my Facebook feed a few days ago. It’s a quick project, and will use scraps–both get checked in the plus column. I think I might go buy a piece of felt for the backing–or perhaps I’ll stick with my resolution to use fabrics from my stash. I haven’t bought any new fabrics since COVID locked us down. Amazingly though, it doesn’t seem that my stash is any smaller than when I started out!

Here’s the link to the shamrock–I’m going to make my 9 patches with a Billie Lauder quick trick, but otherwise will be following their lead. Click here for the pattern.

What quilt project will you be working on this month?



  1. Sylvia Siegel says:

    I just finished making 4 quilts for the isolettes in the NICU at U Mass in Worcester where my twin granddaughters, Emily and Samantha, are hospitalized.

  2. Theresa Utz says:

    I haven’t done much quilting, since I had to have a pacemaker put in, , but I am feeling much better and have to start working on my grandson’s quilt. I am doing a Snail’s Trail.. I only have three months to finish it. Wish me luck.. Love the shamrock pattern that Mary Ellen put out. I’m going to have to try making it for St.Pat’s day.thanks, Mary Ellen, for presenting these delightful projects for us to try!

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