October 2021

October 20, 2021

getting back to the new normal

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. I’m feeling like my small portion of the world is getting back to normal a bit. Whatever the new normal is going to be anyway.  There are parts of the old normal I won’t miss, and parts of the new normal I’m not happy about but…isn’t that what “normal” is all about? There’s been so much in the news of late about shopping delays with the advice to get Christmas shopping done ASAP. I’ve decided to do some of my “shopping” from the crafts I’ve done through COVID and some of it from my stash of craft supplies. I’m going to try to get a few sock knitting and fingerless glove projects organized for knitting in front of the tv. My nieces always like quilted projects so I’ve been looking for fast and easy quilts. The fastest project I know of is a jelly roll […]