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April 15, 2021
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May 8, 2021
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our quilt showcase, 2nd try

We’re having trouble with this posting. Please let me know if you receive this, or if you had also received the first attempt.


Hello all, Mary Ellen here. How does your garden grow? I think Mother Nature is a bit confused as to the correct weather for the month of April. I’ve been working on weeds more than anything else so far. I’ve been tempted a few times by the annuals I see some of my neighbors putting out, but I think I’ll wait on those. I’ve been fooled before.

I’ve also been working on the quilt showcase that has been put off a few times because of Covid restrictions. My sister, who was to be our techie tutor, is immune compromised and did not want to get together to work on the project until things settled down. We have done some things on the phone but that only goes so far for me. But good news… all that remains to be done is to figure out how to get the slideshow to export into a format that will work for our guild sites, and the museum site too. I’m driving to my sister’s next week and will hopefully will have a success to share soon. Remember that we divided the quilts into 2 groups to keep the show from becoming too lengthy. The second showcase will be “aired” later to be a teaser for our 2022 spring quilt show.

Keep an eye on your e-mail for the big reveal!


  1. Theresa utz says:

    Mary Ellen, , you guys did a great job on the first show. The ones you picked were perfect for the sites you put them in and your knowledge and techniques were amazing. I have watched it several times now I just love it. Thank you for doing this.

  2. Annette Meyer-Grunow says:

    Got the first one fine.Thanks Annette

  3. Ina S Randall says:

    Received your posts. The quilts look awesome. Thank you.

  4. Linda Hunter says:

    Hi Mary Ellen, I was able to view the quilt show just fine a few days ago. It turned out just beautifully! You did an excellent job – even without your sister. Congratulations! I love it!

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