October 30, 2020

gnome place like home

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. Gnomes are so trendy right now. If you need a really easy free pattern for easy gifts, try this one out. You can make the mug rug version (great for odd small scraps) or the wall hanging. How about a mug rug, a cute mug, and a packet of deluxe hot chocolate mix for a nice gift for your nail girl, cleaning lady or anyone else who is helping you maintain some normalcy in life these days? If you start now, you could have lots of these completed by Christmas. Click here for the pattern. Don’t forget that commenting enters you in the drawing for prizes to be held at our holiday party. If you are not planning to attend, you can still enter. If you win a prize I’ll make sure it gets to you. Delivery by gnome or elf!
October 7, 2020

feathered stars

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. Came across this article about feathered star quilts in my feed today. One of the quilts lent to us for our guild/BNHV showcase is a beautiful feathered star quilt made by Annette M-G. You’re going to love it. Lots of links to patterns, history and classes in this article. If you’ve been quilting for a while you’re probably quite familiar with the name Marsha McCloskey and have admired her star quilts.In person classes probably won’t be around for a while so maybe you’d be interested in Marsha’s online feathered star class.   Click here for the article.
October 5, 2020

fall quilts

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. Sylvia S., our guild’s FaceBook guru, sent me this link to share with all of you. It has lovely ideas for displaying your fall quilts, and links to patterns for some pretty quilts as well. Click here. How’s your yard work coming? I’d rather be at my machine than outdoors putting the gardens to bed, but alas it must get done! How about your recipe repetoire? Anyone have a good soup recipe, or a delicious apple dessert recipe to share? I found this recipe in my FaceBook feed yesterday. I have a ton of apples, so I’m going to make my own apple pie filling, but keep the rest of the recipe the same. Sounds yummy to me! If you try it, let us know how it turned out.   2 cans of Cinnamon rolls quartered, 1 can apple pie filling, 1/2 cup chopped walnuts […]
September 26, 2020

using up jelly rolls

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. I’ve had a few requests from my nieces for seasonal quilts for their family rooms. I have so much fabric in my stash that I want to use what I have rather than buying more, and I want to use a pattern that will chop some of the uglies into small pieces AND will be fast and easy to cut. I’ve decided to make jelly roll race quilts. Do you know what those are? (See here if not).(You could also search for jelly roll quilt or jelly roll 1600 to see other blog posts about this.) One modification I am planning to make is to cut each 40 inch strip in half to 20 inches. That will give more variety – scrappiness? – to the top. Both nieces are quite tall. I wanted to make sure that there will be enough size to the quilt […]
September 23, 2020

What’s in your quilt?

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. I’m not a big fan of award shows, and no, I did not watch the Emmy’s this weekend. But as I was watching the videos at our guild’s YouTube channel, a teaser came up about Tyler Perry’s acceptance speech for his award. His grandmother’s quilt was to be mentioned in it. If you didn’t see this show and his speech, take about 3-4 minutes to see what he has to say about his quilt. Then think about what patches are in your quilt. Click here for the video.
September 22, 2020


Hello all, Mary Ellen here. I can’t believe it’s the first day of fall already. I guess with our world in turmoil the usual season clues passed me by. Fortunately I did remember to bring my christmas cactus indoors before the first frost. It’s the only house plant that I take in and out for the seasons. I’ve had this cactus for years; it was started from a huge cactus that my Nana had next to her favorite chair for as long as I can remember. If I have this plant die on me, I will be heartbroken. We’re working along on the 2020 Quilt Guild Showcase. We started photographing quilts outdoors at the museum on Monday, taking advantage of the nice sunny day. We’ll be continuing that at the end of the week, and perhaps into next week if it takes longer than we expect. We discovered that staging […]
September 6, 2020

catching up on things

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. What’s up buttercup? I’ve been getting ideas together for our guild slide show showcase. We have just over 50 quilts offered for photography for the show. That should give us enough shots for 2 slideshows easily. The quilts will be coming to the museum this week, and we’ll start the photography as soon as we organize them all. We want to take advantage of the wonderful fall weather and the light should be perfect for most of our outdoor shots. Now that we have a guild YouTube channel it will be very easy to get the show available for all of you and the public at large. Do you decorate for fall and Halloween? I have lots of Halloween “quilty” stuff but I’d like to add some things that are more Septemberish (is that a word?) Here are a few of the links I like […]
August 3, 2020

bits and pieces

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. What’s up at your house? Lots of bits of inconsequential stuff happening here. Reading binges of series of novels from kindle unlimited. It’s so easy to ignore jobs that I should be doing if I am in the middle of a good book. Making masks round two with a better pattern for family members. The garden is coming on strong. Harvesting lots of lettuce, herbs, and beginning to get tomatoes. There is nothing like a home grown tomato for summer deliciousness, is there? I’m getting zucchini like crazy from other gardens and always in the market for a good zuke recipe. I’ll share one of my favorites at the end of this post. Ran across this fun quiz to see what Free Motion Quilting Motif you are. Try it out. I’m Paisley. What a coincidence because the paisley, as she has illustrated it, is my […]
July 8, 2020

what are you up to?

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.Now that the need for home made masks has slowed a bit, what are you doing at your sewing machine? I’ve been cutting scraps into 5″ squares and random width strips. I have an idea for a scrappy pinwheel quilt with a piano keys border. I’m planning to do the sewing for the scrappy blocks as leaders and enders when doing other projects. When I am able to get organized enough to have pieces cut and ready to go, the leaders and enders technique does help me sort of make 2 projects at once. What are you working on? Still am putting the names of all commenters into a bin for drawings for prizes at our next guild birthday party. Perhaps we’ll do the drawing sooner if the party is postponed until our next birthday! Anyway please keep commenting so you have chances to win. If […]
June 28, 2020

quilts at Berkeley Art Museum

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. The NY Times featured today an article about quilter Rosie Lee Tompkins. Her work is currently on display at the Berkeley Art Museum in California. It will bring to mind the Gee’s Bend quilts that were so trendy for a spell, but if you look at all of her work she has her own style. Since none of us is doing much traveling to quilt shows this spring and summer, perhaps you’ll enjoy this virtual show. Link to NY Times article: click here. Link to Berkeley Art Museum Slideshow of her work: click here.