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June 8, 2020
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June 28, 2020
puzzle answers
June 8, 2020
quilts at Berkeley Art Museum
June 28, 2020
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face masks, Buffalo-style

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Did any of you see the article in Sunday’s Buffalo News Style section with the title above? All about masks, of course, which can be purchased in shops around town. It focused on what I would think of as the more “artsy” shops online or down in the Elmwood area.  “Whether simple or splashy, an array of options lets people show some personal style. Many are made right here in Western New York by local artisans and fashion designers – or by the wearers themselves.” Does the mask you wear show something about you and your interests? I have an assortment of masks which I wear–one has math formulas all over it, one is covered in pansies, one has compasses and protractors. Those masks which I have made for friends and family are of fabrics chosen with the wearer in mind. We’ll be in masks for a while I think, so why not express yourself!

A surprising thing mentioned in the article was the price charged for each mask. The prices ranged from $7 to $40!

Not that we should judge our good deeds by a price figure–they’re priceless after all. But just to put a crass value on them- let’s say our guild made 4500 masks (actually 4,607 have been reported to me) with an average price of $10. What have we contributed to the well being of folks around us? $45,000!!!  That’s one heck of a donation to our community!


  1. Janice Farrell says:

    Holy MOLY! $45K!

    That was an interesting article. I cut it out for my scrapbook! Thanks for keeping us going via the blog Mary Ellen. I appreciate it, as I’m sure the rest of the guild does as well. A labor of love.


    RIP Jan. We lost you much too soon. You will be greatly missed!

  2. Linda Hunter says:

    I agree wit Jan. You have been so diligent Mary Ellen. Thank you. I have received donations for my masks from people, even though I said I wouldn’t take payment. It seem as if they have been giving me $5 to $10. I have sent the money to the Seneca Street Community Center in Buffalo. They have a day care for children and feed them every day. I think they can really use the money. I sent so much over time I got an inquiry from the director asking who I was and why was I donating. I had made masks for them originally and thought it was a good cause. Interesting.

  3. Sharon M Militello says:

    I read the article too. If people are willing to pay that much for a mask, that means there is a need for them. Making and donating gives me a purpose also I feel like I am helping out. Just sitting and watching TV all day would drive me to drink, then I’d have a real problem 😂.
    Thank you Mary Ellen for keeping us connected, I look forward to hear about what everyone is doing. Hopefully we will be able to have our meetings
    Stay safe everyone

  4. Sylvia Siegel says:

    Our quilt guild has made such an impact in the community! We should be very proud of ourselves and how we reacted during this pandemic. It just proves what a wonderful group of women all of you are. I can’t wait until we can meet and I can see all of you again! But until then wear your masks and stay safe.

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