a puzzle for you
June 6, 2020
face masks, Buffalo-style
June 16, 2020
a puzzle for you
June 6, 2020
face masks, Buffalo-style
June 16, 2020
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Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Spoiler alert! This 5 differences between the two photos in the previous post are about to be revealed. I will phrase them with the photo on the left as the starter to which changes were made, resulting in the photo on the right.

1. The green thing in the upper right quadrant is a leather thimble. That has been removed.

2. Two additional HST foundations have been added.

3. The blue cylinder (actually is a chalk marker, but I agree it looks like a seam ripper) has been placed in the pin dish.

4. A second postcard featuring our raffle quilt has been added.

5. The scissors were exchanged for a different pair. The pair on the left are spring loaded and have a locking mechanism, those on the right are just basic.

Do you do much stitching/quilting in the summer months? Too hot? or nice stitching on the porch or patio?



  1. Theresa utz says:

    My house is air conditioned, so I have been emptying my scrap piles. So far, I have made 8 small quilts (wheelchair size), and am now working on a full size one bought about 6 years ago, created by Etida Sitar.
    I,m doing a little tweaking, but it is coming out quite nice. Should be ready to show at our next AQG meeting!, (I hope!)

  2. Sharon M Militello says:

    I was close.
    I’m putting on the final border for the corona quilt. This was a challenge for me. With many calls to Anna it’s done, now to put the backing on. Can’t wait. I will send you a photo

  3. Jackie Groszkowski says:

    Quilting is delightful in the summer. My sewing “area” is in the basement which is always cool. (Not so good in the cold months.) I cleaned off my cutting table yesterday. Found projects that I completely forgot about. Now all I have to do is decide which one to work on first.

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