June 2020

June 28, 2020

quilts at Berkeley Art Museum

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. The NY Times featured today an article about quilter Rosie Lee Tompkins. Her work is currently on display at the Berkeley Art Museum in California. It will bring to mind the Gee’s Bend quilts that were so trendy for a spell, but if you look at all of her work she has her own style. Since none of us is doing much traveling to quilt shows this spring and summer, perhaps you’ll enjoy this virtual show. Link to NY Times article: click here. Link to Berkeley Art Museum Slideshow of her work: click here.
June 16, 2020

face masks, Buffalo-style

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. Did any of you see the article in Sunday’s Buffalo News Style section with the title above? All about masks, of course, which can be purchased in shops around town. It focused on what I would think of as the more “artsy” shops online or down in the Elmwood area.  “Whether simple or splashy, an array of options lets people show some personal style. Many are made right here in Western New York by local artisans and fashion designers – or by the wearers themselves.” Does the mask you wear show something about you and your interests? I have an assortment of masks which I wear–one has math formulas all over it, one is covered in pansies, one has compasses and protractors. Those masks which I have made for friends and family are of fabrics chosen with the wearer in mind. We’ll be in masks […]
June 8, 2020

puzzle answers

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. Spoiler alert! This 5 differences between the two photos in the previous post are about to be revealed. I will phrase them with the photo on the left as the starter to which changes were made, resulting in the photo on the right. 1. The green thing in the upper right quadrant is a leather thimble. That has been removed. 2. Two additional HST foundations have been added. 3. The blue cylinder (actually is a chalk marker, but I agree it looks like a seam ripper) has been placed in the pin dish. 4. A second postcard featuring our raffle quilt has been added. 5. The scissors were exchanged for a different pair. The pair on the left are spring loaded and have a locking mechanism, those on the right are just basic. Do you do much stitching/quilting in the summer months? Too hot? or […]
June 6, 2020

a puzzle for you

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. Some of you must have a lot more free time now that we are on hiatus from mask making. I want you all to know how appreciative Roswell Park is of all of our efforts – they still have masks remaining that we have given to them. I’m certain that the other places that got masks from us are equally thankful. When I made the first challenge back at the beginning of the pandemic-could we make 2,000 masks – I never thought we’d go as far as we did. Hats off to all of you ladies, and thank you to the friends of the guild, not members, who also contributed to our effort. Now you’ll have time to finish up things for our postponed quilt show. There’s always something, isn’t there? I saw a puzzle like this at another crafting blog that I visit so […]