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May 16, 2020
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May 27, 2020
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Hello all, Mary Ellen back again.

With the help of the Clarence Log Cabin Quilters we were able to send 303 child sized masks to Children’s Hospital this week. With our other donated masks, that brings our total to 4, 253! When we started this initiative on April 1 (our first collection) I wasn’t expecting this to catch on in the way it has. Quilters to the rescue! I suspect we’ll be wearing masks for a long while.  Some of you must be so speedy at construction–chime in please, about how quickly can you make a mask?

We also started a corona quilt challenge/quilt-along back at the beginning of April. I’ve received photos of their finished quilt tops from 2 of our members . I really enjoy seeing how  a change in placement of the values in the quilt, or a bit of a rearrangement of the block placement, gives the original design a new look! As you finish your tops please send along a photo-we’ll all enjoy them. I’m hoping that when we are finally able to have our quilt show, we’ll have a group of corona’s (!?!?) to enjoy. (interpret that as you wish)

Here’s Anna T’s quilt.      

and here’s Annette M-G’s.      


  1. Sharon says:

    Great job ladies!

  2. Theresa utz says:

    I am always amazed at how the same pattern looks so different with the placement of pieces and the value in color. Congratulations to both girls 😔,the quilts are wonderful. Mine is barely started but I will Get to it again soon. Hopefully.

  3. Mary says:

    Those quilts are amazing and how wonderfully different. As for the time it takes to make a mask I’m guessing under 15 minutes from cutting the fabric to the finished mask. I make them in batches so I do all the cutting at one time for the week. Then I sew about 10 per day, sometimes more depending on the day. The masks have definitely given my days purpose and meaning during these days of staying home.

  4. Jean Nicholson says:

    Lovely job on the quilts!

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