May 2020

May 27, 2020

just for fun

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. Yesterday I finished up the quilting and binding on my corona quilt. I was a bit worried–I did not have enough of any of the fabrics in the quilt or its FQ bundle to make the binding. Fortunately I have a small stash (cough, cough) and found something close with just a bit more than I needed. Finding thread to match the binding (I sew the entire binding process by machine) was a challenge. I found a partial spool that was perfect but had a concern that I’d run out before I finished top-stitching the binding. But hey-nothing ventured, nothing gained. So I set out on what I’ve heard called a game of thread spool chicken. And guess what, I won! Not by much but it doesn’t matter by how much–I got the whole binding done with just a bit to spare! That’s the most […]
May 23, 2020

2 updates

Hello all, Mary Ellen back again. With the help of the Clarence Log Cabin Quilters we were able to send 303 child sized masks to Children’s Hospital this week. With our other donated masks, that brings our total to 4, 253! When we started this initiative on April 1 (our first collection) I wasn’t expecting this to catch on in the way it has. Quilters to the rescue! I suspect we’ll be wearing masks for a long while.  Some of you must be so speedy at construction–chime in please, about how quickly can you make a mask? We also started a corona quilt challenge/quilt-along back at the beginning of April. I’ve received photos of their finished quilt tops from 2 of our members . I really enjoy seeing how  a change in placement of the values in the quilt, or a bit of a rearrangement of the block placement, gives […]
May 16, 2020

What are you up to?

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. Still stitching away on those masks? Gotta wonder how much longer we’ll need to be helping out in this way. You guys are doing great — as of today we’ve made and donated 3813 masks. Did you see Jackie’s request for “kids” masks that came in an e-mail blast? Those will be a little more fun to sew–cute kids prints or bright and cheery colors will make the task a bit more enjoyable. Do you remember a bit ago I posted about some fun mask maker T-shirts? Linda H’s arrived and here she is proud of herself. I bet it’s a conversation starter! If anyone else has gotten one of those fun shirts, send us a picture please.
May 6, 2020

putting together the corona quilt

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. Before you have a look at the 2 documents attached here, play with your blocks to see what layouts you come up with. You may find one you like better than mine. Both of the documents show my final layout for the corona quilt. There are black and white line drawings, and photos. Feel free to contact me with any questions, or suggestions. corona quilt assembly corona quilt unit assemblies
May 2, 2020

masks for the hearing impaired

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. Some of this is a repeat of the article I wrote for our most recent guild newsletter. The additional things that I had submitted to the newsletter,  that did not appear there, are included here. (BTW, after Friday’s pickup of masks our guild total is up to 3135!!!!!!!!!!!!  You go, girls!!) Be prepared, it’s a long post! Linda Hunter was contacted by the Army Corp of Engineers, and she “enlisted” Annette’s help. First is the letter to Linda that prompted this effort.“I am the EEO Manager for the Army Corps of Engineers in Buffalo and have an engineer who is deaf. If you know anything about American Sign Language, facial expressions are a big component of the language.Traditional face masks hide the face, presenting an issue for someone who reads lips and/or needs expression to understand what is being communicated. I found two sources for […]