mask update, and another corona quilt piece

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April 23, 2020
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mask update, and another corona quilt piece

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.
Mask making has certainly been in the news of late, hasn’t it? Our guild received a very nice mention on Spectrum local news, and Mary Ann sent it out via our e-mail tree. Niagara Hospice gave us a thank you for the masks that we have donated them. I know that Mary D. has done a great job providing them with the majority of the masks we sent there. Roswell sent a nice thank you to us as well, but I can’t get it from my phone to this blog to share it. So please take my word for it, the patients and staff appreciate the masks we have sent to them. This week we sent 477 masks to the Air Force base. The Clarence guild is assisting in the effort for the base, so hopefully their request for 1000 masks will be filled soon.

Our guild’s total of mask donations that we know about (I’m certain that many of you are making masks for friends and family without claiming credit.) reached 2,891 as of Friday past. Yikes, Wow, and Awesome you guys!

Onto the corona quilt–this is the last of the piecing that we’ll need before we decide on a layout. I’m giving you some options so you can make this work with whatever fabric pieces, values, and sizes you have remaining. You will be making EITHER 8 large flying geese (finished size 4×8) OR 16 large half square triangles (finshed size 4×4). Please use whatever lights and med/darks you have remaining. If you opt to make the flying geese you can choose whether to make the larger triangle (the goose) the dark or the light value. Just make all 8 geese with the values placed in the same positions. If you opt to make the HSTs the value placement is not a concern-just make pairings that have good contrast. I will attach a paper foundation for the large flying geese to this post if you like that method for piecing geese. It also will help stabilize the fabrics in case you have to use some off grain pieces.

I told you in a previous post that I had to remake my three friendships stars due to a puppy incident. I didn’t have enough left of the fabric to make repairs so I had to choose a new pairing. I actually like the newer combo better than the original so perhaps it was meant to be!

Click here for corona goose (finishes at 4×8).

Click here for updated corona quilt checklist of steps.

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