update on our mask challenge
April 19, 2020
Are masks a fashion statement?
April 23, 2020
update on our mask challenge
April 19, 2020
Are masks a fashion statement?
April 23, 2020
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another update

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

You ladies are amazing. With the Monday pickup of masks we reached our 2000 donation challenge goal. I’ll wait until after Friday’s pickup to give you an exact number. Maybe we’ll hit another milestone!

Remember we are working on getting 1000 masks to the Air Force Base (Did you see them featured on 60 minutes on Sunday evening?) Remember for the Air Force masks use predominantly drab colors, and no patriotics. If you have already made masks with patriotic fabrics, we can donate those to veterans.

I’ll be posting our last construction step for the corona quilt in the next day or so. There is a slight hold up due to a puppy chewing up a friendship star block for which I do not have enough fabric to repair. So I’ll be making 3 new ones. Then I can decide on the  value placements in the last blocks. (I have all of the blocks on a design wall to help me decide on on the values). Then we’ll be ready to work on layout and assembly. I hope we’ll have a few of these little quilts to display at our quilt show– whenever that will be!


  1. Jackie Groszkowski says:

    Hurray for the mask makers! You are beyond extraordinary. May God bless you all.

  2. Linda Hunter says:

    I just want to put out a great thank you to both you, Mary Ellen, and Jackie, for all your mask making organization and delivery. I know it is appreciated. Will look for the 60 minutes episode. It should be someplace? Thanks, Linda

    • Mary Ellen says:

      The small amount of time and effort I am putting into this project does not compare to that which the makers of the masks are contributing.
      Here’s a prompt for a comment (still keeping track for when we finally are able to have our guild birthday party). All completions, both serious and humorous are welcome.
      Blessed are the mask makers, for they shall ??

  3. Jackie Groszkowski says:

    Blessed are the mask makers for they shall see the end of this pandemic and so will many others because of their efforts.

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