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April 16, 2020
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April 22, 2020
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update on our mask challenge

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.
I’m guessing you’ve all gotten calls this week asking about masks since the governor put out his requirement for all of us to wear them in places where social distancing is not easy to do. I’ve gotten a couple of calls from neighbors I haven’t spoken with all winter asking if I knew where they might be able to get a mask LOL! I’m sure they knew — and I gave them the masks of course. Our guild tally of donated masks (that we are aware of) is up to 1848. We’re going to hit 2000, I know it! If you can make even a few for us to give to the Air Force Base, that would be super. They have asked for 1,000. A few parameters for them–no patriotic fabrics please. It makes them easily identifiable as Americans when they are deployed. Drab colors for work hours are preferred, but the masks could be lined with fun fabrics to keep up spirits. If you are using homespun  plaids or more loosely woven fabrics, please add a layer of nonwoven interfacing.

Here’s another humorous mask making video if you would like a chuckle. Obviously this lady is not of the caliber of seaming that we are!

Click here for some laughs.

Remember we’re all in this together!



  1. Jackie Groszkowski says:

    Tomorrow is drop off masks day at the museum. I know we are going to go over our 2000 goal. After all, all we need are 152. At the rate we’ve been going a piece of cake. Hugs to all the mask makers out there.

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