April 7, 2020
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April 9, 2020
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mask updates

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Those machines must be getting close to overheating ladies! I’m thinking that I will resume the posts about the corona quilt project in the next few days. What do you think? Wouldn’t you like to alternate mask sewing with corona sewing? Let me know if you think I should wait a while longer on that.

I ran across these study results that show that masks made with our good quilters cottons are actually quite effective, sometimes even more so than a surgical mask. Good to know that our efforts are really helping.

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  1. Anna Topolski says:

    I would like to continue with the Corona quilt. My intention is to donate it to our guild’s community service. There will be a need in the future. It is also a respite from making masks.

  2. Sharon M Militello says:

    I’d like to try the corona quilt, lord knows I have tine on my hands

  3. Sylvia Siegel says:

    I would like to work on the corona quilt. I’ll continue doing masks on my own.

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