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March 26, 2020
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March 30, 2020
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shout out to all you mask makers

Hello all, Mary Ellen here,

The total number of masks that I know our members have made so far is …wait for it…180! Some were turned in to the guild and some were given directly to facilities by the makers. Those that were turned in to our guild this week have been taken to Roswell Park. If you are making and donating masks to facilities you know of, please let me or Jackie G. know how many you made and to which facility you have donated them. We’d like to keep a running total which I will post each week as a thank you and encouragement to all of our generous sewers!

More specifics about our donations will be in the upcoming guild newsletter. Browse back through the comments on the previous post for some tips from those making masks, and for some fun suggestions on things for listening to while sewing.

It’s such a yucky day outside-great day to sit at the machine and sew for others.


  1. Mary says:

    Woo hoo that is awesome

  2. Jackie Groszkowski says:

    Some of the masks this week were also given to Niagara Hospice. We also have a request from the convent on Mill Street in Williamsville so please keep those machines humming. I’ll be at the museum for drop offs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week 12:00-1:00. Hope to see many of you.

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