why do we give quilts?
February 29, 2020
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March 9, 2020
why do we give quilts?
February 29, 2020
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March 9, 2020
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bags, bags,bags

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

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I think I have been caught without a bag when out shopping 4 times already this week! I keep leaving them out in the car.I remember my reusable bags for grocery shopping but not shopping at other types of stores. I think they will have to ride in the passenger for a while until a new habit is formed. Sally G. shared a cloth bag that folds up into its pocket during show and share at our last meeting. My purse is big enough that I could keep one of those in it! I went searching around the internet and have found 2 patterns for us to try out. My only concern is whether 1 layer of a quilting cotton is sturdy enough for those “heavy” shopping days. Anyone? What’s been your experience? Any tips?

Here’s the first one I found: click here.

And here’s the second one: click here.


  1. Katherine Tomasulo says:

    If you subscribe to Pinterest, the are many tutorials for different size market bags that can be made up pretty quickly. Nothing like a homemade bag to start a conversation while waiting in the checkout line.

  2. Mary Carroll says:

    I am using tote patterns from quilting magazines and have made bags with upholstery fabric. They seem to be working well.

  3. Jackie Groszkowski says:

    I agree about the strength of a single layer of fabric being strong enough to hold heavy items, like multiple cans of cat food. Could these bags be made with upholstery fabric? That should make them much sturdier.

  4. auasn kogler says:

    I also have the pattern that Sally used. I have been using other cloth bags in the past with no problem.

  5. Karen Villa says:

    I have been making bags and use 2 layers of fabric as if they are one. Great way to use “not so pretty fabric” as liner and I sew handles that go around the bag from top to bottom to better support the heavy stuff. The layers don’t separate when washed as I use a long rectangle shape for the bag and sew up both sides after I sew the straps onto it, leaving adequate length for handles. I eave about2 inches at top and turn it down to make top finish after sewing the sides. No open seams. You can add corners like you would any other bag.

  6. Pat McDonald says:

    Thank for the Patterns, I will be making some of these.

  7. Sharon M Militello says:

    Thank you, nice way to use leftover material

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