April 2019

April 20, 2019

RIP, Gwen

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. This week one of the quilting world’s very influential teachers passed away. Gwen Marston, perhaps the mother of improvisational piecing, gave many of us permission to ignore some of the edicts from the Quilt Police and to try things which made some traditionalists gasp. I love her work-both her traditional beginnings and even more her free form second act. Rest in peace, Gwen. How are you all doing on your bucket lists? Updates anyone? I got some good ideas at our guild meeting this week for finishing up a long time UFO. How old? Well I know I bought the pattern at Pine Grove when it was out on Stone Road beyond Lockport. Hoping to finish it up before next month’s meeting…Yah, right!? Well maybe before our quilt show is more like it. What are you working on? Did you ever take a class from […]