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March 1, 2019
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March 5, 2019
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quilting your quilt

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.
I’ll be heading up to my machine shortly to continue piecing a top for a class coming up in April. When that’s done I have a top for myself which needs quilting. While looking for some possibilities, I visited the blog of one of my favorite sources for free motion ideas. While I don’t often quilt an entire quilt by free motion, I do often mix walking foot quilting with free motion. Lori Kennedy has a nice collection of motifs at her blog, very clearly drawn in step by step style so you can see just how she drew her little figures in a continuous line of stitching. I was impressed with her bunny-my quilt is a spring time topper and bunnies along the border might be just the perfect thing. Click here and scroll to the end of her post to see her bunny.
While looking around Lori’s site ( called the inbox jaunt) I came across a post with the title: 6 ways to ruin a quilt with machine quilting. Had to have a look. Here’s the link if you’re intrigued also. Click here.


  1. Jan Farrell says:

    Neat web site. Thanks for pointing it out. Also for making me realize I don’t have to free-motion the whole quilt. Never thought of splitting it up it that way….

  2. Sylvia Siegel says:

    I love Lori Kennedy’s designs and have one of her books. The bunny is adorable. You can practice designs by drawing them out repeatedly.

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