close to crunch time-easy gift
December 13, 2018
January 5, 2019
close to crunch time-easy gift
December 13, 2018
January 5, 2019
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a fresh start for 2019

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

I’ve started cleaning up my sewing/crafting room and table. One might think an explosion had taken place in there. I have lots of blocks and projects in various stages of completion that I have used in demos at a local quilt shop. I’m trying to make my own little “kits” with the fabrics, directions, and partially done projects so it will be easier to get progress made here and there when I can grab 10 or 15 minutes at the machine. Lots of small pieces of fabric have gone in the garbage–I need to be honest with myself about what pieces are truly too small to save.

Many of us make some personal quilting resolutions each year–finishing UFO’s often is on the list. I resolve that nearly every year with varying degrees of success. I found recently a “bucket list” for quilters which for me is going to be somewhat more motivational, since many of the items on the list will be easy to complete and check off. For a list maker like me, making the check marks next to completed items will be positive reinforcement to keep it going.

I recently found out that this blog has a budget line in our guild budget, so I will be able to buy some prizes as incentives. Here’s the plan–if you print a copy of the bucket list for yourself, when you check off an item as completed and then write a comment on this blog, your name will go into a random drawing for “quilty” prizes. I’ll draw a name(s) at the end of each month. Even if you’re not a member of our guild, feel free to play along. Don’t start posting your completions until we’re in 2019 so that we’ll all start at the same time. For each item you complete, you will get one entry-so if you complete 3 things and write about all of them in your comment, you’ll get 3 entries. You do not get credit for items on the list that you have completed in the past-for example one of the items is to go on a quilt retreat. If you have done that in 2018 or earlier, it doesn’t count for this challenge. We’re on the honor system here–please only check off items as you do them in 2019!

Here’s the link to find your copy of the bucket list: click here. You’ll see that there are some easily completed items that don’t even involve fabric and thread! Please join us for the fun!


  1. Joann McGowan says:

    Cleaning out is good ! I save even the tiniest scraps – trimmings from evening edges – bits and pieces of fabric and batting , etc. in a plastic bag. When I have a lot, I donate them for “doggie” and “kittie” beds at an animal shelter. At a local quilt shop, the same woman who collected the pillowcases can also take these for a group she knows of who make the beds. Nothing gets wasted – just saying ——-

  2. JoAnn Castiglia says:

    OK. I printed the list. Will be challenging since I’ll be in Florida for 4 months!!

  3. Rebecca says:

    I’m in! I am compiling my resolutions…

  4. Loretta Cadwallader says:

    Love the idea! Now just have to work on it!😁

  5. Sylvia Siegel says:

    I started organizing my sewing room and replaced my rotary cutter blade. I also moved my sewing table to a better location- identified a problem in my sewing space. 3 times checked off the list.


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