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celebrities and quilts

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Quilting makes strange bedfellows sometimes. Here’s an unusual pairing: Ken Burns, the filmmaker, and the Kardashians, famous for being famous. Quilting has been in the news of late; both of these mentions surprised me in different ways.

Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns really values quilts. When talking about one of the quilts in his collection, he says, “If you consider the thousands of woman-hours that went into this, it’s just an extraordinary thing.” “I would not trade it for a $25 million painting by you-name-the-artist,” he added. Click here to view his collection. If you see the large NRA quilt, don’t worry that a political statement about our current state of affairs in this country has snuck in. That quilt is from a different NRA-I’ll let you explore the exhibition for yourself to find out.

Can you believe this pairing: the Kardashians and red and white quilts?! Calvin Klein has used a gorgeous red and white quilt in a recent ad campaign for their products. While it makes stunning photographs, I don’t know that the Kardashian image is one that I like to see paired with the beautiful quilts. I think the quilts are slumming. To each his own I guess. Click here or for even more Click here.

What’s your take on quilts in the news?

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