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November 19, 2017
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December 12, 2017
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Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

I spent a lovely evening yesterday at the BNHV’s dinner party “A Taste of Christmas Past”. While in line at the various food stations I had time to really examine the decorated Christmas trees. We (our quilt guild) made quite a few lovely ornaments for one of the trees. Since it seems that quilters like to do handwork at the holidays, I’m thinking you might enjoy this resource. The difficulty levels vary and the techniques used do as well. Click here.

How’s your progress on your handmade holidays? Baking? Knitting? Sewing? Quilting? I’m somewhat off kilter this year. Our weather didn’t do the gradual lead up of snow flurries and frosty mornings to give the subtle warnings that the holidays are on the way. However I shouldn’t be surprised once December begins-we do have the holidays at the same time every year after all. I’d like to make myself a spectacular Christmas quilt sometime. I have a few that are of the quick and easy school of quilting, but I think I’d like also to have one which is more of the “heirloom” quality. Maybe if I start on it now I could be ready by next year’s holiday season. What about a scrappy star quilt featuring some of those killer Karen Stone type stars? Hmmm…thinking. Do you have a special quilt that only comes out at Christmas time? Please tell about it in the comment section.



  1. Jan says:

    I’ve got nothing… sorry Mary Ellen.

  2. JoAnn Castiglia says:

    I’m trying to finish a Christmas wall hanging that I started 5 years ago that features snow covered homes. I’m also hoping to finish the Christmas quilt I started a few years ago in PM Quilters . Two weeks to go.

    • Mary Ellen says:

      Those pm quilter Christmas quilts that have been in our quilt shows are all so much fun to see. Will yours be in the show this spring?

  3. Pat McDonald says:

    I have not made a Christmas Quilt in a long time, but my favorite one is ” Twelve Days of Christmas” that I made in 1996 and put on my bed every December.

    • Mary Ellen says:

      My Christmas quilts aren’t big enough for my bed. They’re on the backs of chairs and couches right now. The one I want to make will be big enough for the bed-a several year project using holiday scraps I think.

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