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September 24, 2016
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September 30, 2016
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2 spools and a pack of bobbins

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Every now and then I run across an idea that causes the “why didn’t I think of that?” kind of reaction. This is one of them. I do not enjoy winding bobbins. Especially when it is in the middle of a row of stitching. Here’s an idea, cheaper than buying prewound bobbins, that can be just a perfect solution if you, like me, use one or two types of thread for all of your piecing. Buy two spools of the same thread. One will be your top thread, and the other spool will all get wound onto bobbins to use for the bottom thread. All of those bobbins you wind from the 2nd spool will run out just about the time you use up the first spool which was reserved for the top thread. Yes you do have to spend some time up front winding all of those bobbins, but then you’re set for quite some time. How many bobbins will you be able to fill from a spool? Quite a few surprisingly. Read this blog post (click here) and watch her video. Exagerrating only a little bit, I think I might even call this life changing!! (BTW if you are looking for a source for reasonably priced Auriful thread after reading this, talk to me at a guild meeting.)


  1. Robi Witulski says:

    Don’t know why I, nor anyone else, haven’t thought of this before. You’re right, not exactly life-changing, but it is time saving and makes perfect sense. I will have to develop a new habit, though. I’m used to cleaning out the bobbin area and oiling my machine after each bobbin and do that while the next bobbin is winding. Thanks for the tip!

    • Mary Ellen says:

      Hi Robi, I took the liberty of making the correction you sent, and then deleted the second comment. Hope that is okay with you. If not, I’m prepared for a retort!

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