Use It or Lose It by Mary Ellen
March 31, 2016
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May 8, 2016
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use it or lose it part 2

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

In my last post I talked about using or losing your scraps. One of my strategies which kind of combines the two ideas was to clean out my scrap bins to give a bunch away. At our guild’s upcoming quilt show (Apr. 22-24) there will be a scrap pool to play in. (Pay a small fee, get a bag, jam as many scraps of your choice into the bag to take home!) I have some pictures following to show you my “success”. I have been keeping the two bins (one for darks and one for lights) somewhat under control by giving away my smaller scraps to Robi, our guild president, who will work with scraps smaller than I like. But nevertheless the lids and sides of the two bins are usually bulging. So I thought I’d put a big dent in that with a garbage bag full going to the guild. Well the lids now will go on fairly easily, but it doesn’t seem that much is gone from the inside stash. Have a look. Kind of a “loaves and fishes” situation. Who else gave scraps to the guild? Or has a good technique or pattern for using them up?

pre-clean out bins-lids won't close

pre-clean out bins-lids won’t close


contractor's bag about 2/3 full of scraps

contractor’s bag about 2/3 full of scraps


Why are there still so many scraps left?!?!

Why are there still so many scraps left?!?!

Join us at our quilt show next weekend. If our past shows are any measure, you will love the eye candy! Between 250 and 300 gorgeous quilts of all kinds and sizes, a boutique of member’s wares, the scrap pool, an auction on Saturday afternoon, light meals and beverages, demonstrations, vendors, and the rest of the museum open for you to visit as well. Hoping to see you there!

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  1. Robi Witulski says:

    I’ve got a fresh, crisp $20 bill just waiting to be spent on that scrap pool!

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