quilting at the Broadway Market??

X marks the spot
March 14, 2016
Use It or Lose It by Mary Ellen
March 31, 2016
X marks the spot
March 14, 2016
Use It or Lose It by Mary Ellen
March 31, 2016
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quilting at the Broadway Market??

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

I’m just back from an almost annual trek to the Easter time Broadway Market. The place was abuzz. I have a Polish brother-in-law who has taught me which stands to frequent and which baked goods one must have at this time of year.

But what does the quilter in me gravitate to? The decorated eggs. There were many more stands selling the traditional pysanki than I’ve seen in other years. Must be more folks collecting them, or fewer folks making them at home.

I have quite a collection that I’ve accumulated slowly over the years. Nearly all of them are traditional geometric designs, with a bit of symbolism of wheat etc thrown in here and there. Most of those designs are very quilt-like with “piecing” in the geometry, and “applique” in the symbols included. The colors choices are broadening somewhat from those I recall back at the start of my collecting. Seldom would see an egg in shades of blue in my early days of collecting the eggs.  Here are some photos of this year’s additions–my two “polish quilts”. Do you find that your love of quilts and quilting crosses over into other things you enjoy? Please share.

pysanki 1 pysanki 2


  1. Jan says:

    Great choices of beautiful eggs!

  2. Robi Witulski says:

    Thank you for the throwback. I have very fond memories from childhood of making these very Easter with my nana. And don’t get me started on the ritual behind our swienconka!!

  3. Loretta says:


  4. Loretta says:


  5. Marie says:

    A member of our guild Jacquie makes these eggs and taught her students every year. I even attempted this beautiful art form with her help.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Jan says:

    One of my quilting buddies just sent me this….

    Polish Egg Color Meanings

    Green = growth or money
    Violet = faith and trust
    Orange = strength
    Black = remembrance
    Blue = health
    Brown = happiness
    White = purity
    Red = love (resurrection)
    Pink = success, affection
    Yellow = spirituality

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