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March 3, 2016
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March 10, 2016
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Put it in neutral

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Went to the car wash the other day. Can’t tell it from the looks of the car now. I’m always a bit nervous about getting the wheels of the car lined up with those tracks that pull the car through the “washing machine”. When “he” says to put it in neutral, that’s my signal that I’ve done it correctly.

What else do neutrals have to do with anything? Well for us quilters they usually mean “lights” or “backgrounds”. Each year I set myself a quilting goal. Last year it was to use more orange in my projects. I think I succeeded pretty well on that, and was generally happy with the spark the orange gave to my projects. This year’s goal is to be more adventurous in my choices of backgrounds…to stay away from the whites, ecrus, and very pale fabrics. My first full size project with a more adventurous background is a sample for a demo I’ll be giving soon. I used a black mini dot on a mottled gray ground from Basic Grey as the background fabric. I’m quite pleased with the new look (for me) that it gives the quilt. Seemingly more sophisticated. That quilt is on display at Patchwork Garden. While looking around for images to get me started on this new tack, I came across the following post by Bonnie Hunter where she explains her use of neutrals. Many of you who are guild members enjoyed Bonnie’s lecture and classes so well when she was here as our seminar big name. Do you remember how her scrap quilts just had so much life to them…and her choices of neutrals play a big part in that. Click here to read Bonnie’s post on this topic.

I challenge you to set a quilting goal for yourself this year. It’s good to get out of our comfort zone, even if it’s in such a small way. Maybe some of you will join me in putting it in neutral. If you’re going to take up the challenge, how about sharing what you’re challenging yourself to do.

How are your projects for the quilt show coming, guild sisters? Don’t forget to send in your paperwork to Jackie by the deadline (March 17). I’m working on a scrappy miniature for the auction. Going to spend today’s quality time (at the machine) working on it. Also don’t forget to send in your registration for Mickey and Joanne’s hand quilting class if that’s on your list. Due by March 9.


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  1. Robi Witulski says:

    One of my favorite neutrals of all to use is spring green…When you get the right shade, it goes with absolutely everything! Try it some time.

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