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December 8, 2015
it’s a new day
December 11, 2015
factory stitching mode
December 8, 2015
it’s a new day
December 11, 2015
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Hello! (testing new blog site)

Hi everyone,

long time no see, right?

Yes, it is me, Marija, the perpetual MIA blog writer… Nothing like a brand new web-site and blog to give me a kick in… (you know what) to get back on the wagon and be much better about writing – promise to be better, with all my might!!

OK, enough about that!

Hey – this is a test – I just got all the information and I am trying to see if this works, I hope it does!

Please, please – re-subscribe (add your name and email, on the upper left side), if you didn’t so already, so that you continue to get notifications about new blog posts. It just wasn’t possible to transfer that from the old blog, so it will only take minute for you to re-subscribe – THANK YOU!!

I will keep this post short, since it is a test, but nevertheless, of course I want to know how are you all doing? How is holiday prep going? Is your machine (machines? ha ha!), smoking or are you all done already (not me!!)?

Let us know and comment!  (that will be a test too, you know! – see what I did there…? )

I will leave you with couple of photos (yes, test again) of something old – my Christmas wreath:


And something new – the latest finish, Simple Bear Paw. This quilt is a collaboration between mother and daughter – I started the top many years ago, my daughter found it in my sewing room, took it and added borders and started quilting. Then brought it back for Thanksgiving and we finished it together!


Promise a full photo later, but this one also has another NEW – our new family  member!! We adopted Charley just before Thanksgiving and he is just the sweetest boy ever!! He is about 6 months old, he loves his older brother Marley, he is sweet, smart and oh so cuddly!!

Stay calm and relaxed this holiday season, enjoy every minute and talk to you all later!



  1. Marie says:

    Thank you Marija it came through

  2. Amherst Quilters Guild says:

    What a beautiful new site!

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