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December 2, 2015
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December 4, 2015
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an oldie but goodie

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Not a big fan of hand sewing. Too slow moving for me. I will hand stitch when it gives better results than the machine, or sometimes on “heirloom” projects that will be gifts. I enjoy embroidery now and then, but regular hand sewing is not for me. That said, I started my sewing journey learning to hand sew. My first non-doll clothing project was a hand sewn apron. Every stitch, including the gathers, was done by hand. That might be the root of my aversion to stitching by hand what could more easily be done by machine. This video tip was shared with me by our guild’s publication editor, Karen G. I knew the first bit about how to thread the needle from long ago, also taught to me by my grandmother. The second lip balm bit is new to me and will be handy in the future I’m sure. click here for the video.

How about you? Do you enjoy hand sewing-the trendy hexies come to mind? Or do you have any tips passed to you by your mom or grandmom to share with us?

BTW how are your holiday projects coming along?

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