starting on the Christmas gift trail

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September 28, 2015
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November 4, 2015
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starting on the Christmas gift trail

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Was at the hairdresser this week and the hot topic was how close we are getting to Christmas! Just about 8 weeks to get all that shopping done. Well, those of you who have kept up with our gifting challenge here on the blog should be in good shape. You’ve got 10 gifts complete if you stuck to our timeline—LOL! I hope you have a few done anyway-those UFO’s that you intended to finish up. Remember?? Sure you do.

If not, here’s a very quick idea for the teens and twenty-somethings on your list or maybe even for yourself if you need some warm hats for winter. This video came in my e-mail today and I have a sweater that I bought in Scotland years back that will be perfect for it. Isn’t it funny how sweaters just shrink up when left in the drawer unworn for a while? Still want to keep the sweater as a memento of that trip, but can’t wear it as it is now. A nice warm hat made from Scottish wool will be great for dog walking. And maybe even the leg warmers, if we have a winter like the Farmers’ Almanac is predicting. I personally will be sewing my hat, rather than using the fabric hot glue gun. I didn’t even know that they make hot glue sticks that are especially for use on fabric. Click here for the video.

What’s on your sewing machine right now? Something for Halloween or Thanksgiving? Or maybe one of those UFO’s you’re finishing up for the Christmas list? I’ve got a sampler of traditional blocks in the works that is going to be a class sample in the new year. I’ve been working on that in between other projects this fall. I’m just about ready to assemble my row by row Christmas quilt that is made of sample blocks from a beginner class series. That has been low priority but I think I’ll bump it up in the list. Going to make some nice cozy pj pants for the kids on the list. The flannels coming into the shop are luscious-soft and fuzzy on both sides of the fabric. Perfect for hanging around the house on a snowy day. Maybe I’ll make myself a pair too.

Got all your fall gardening done? I’m waiting for the trees to let go of the leaves so I can finish up the raking. Usually it takes 4 or 5 times here in my neighborhood. We all love the big maples and oaks through the hot summers, but they make for lots of work in the autumn. I’ve also got a big box of daffodil bulbs that need planting. Maybe this weekend I’ll get out there–depends on what Mother Nature has in store for us.


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  1. Marie says:

    I’m finished 14 quilts two wall hangings and finishing the pj’s from the shop pattern. Yeahhhh

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