October 2015

October 23, 2015

starting on the Christmas gift trail

Hello all, Mary Ellen here. Was at the hairdresser this week and the hot topic was how close we are getting to Christmas! Just about 8 weeks to get all that shopping done. Well, those of you who have kept up with our gifting challenge here on the blog should be in good shape. You’ve got 10 gifts complete if you stuck to our timeline—LOL! I hope you have a few done anyway-those UFO’s that you intended to finish up. Remember?? Sure you do. If not, here’s a very quick idea for the teens and twenty-somethings on your list or maybe even for yourself if you need some warm hats for winter. This video came in my e-mail today and I have a sweater that I bought in Scotland years back that will be perfect for it. Isn’t it funny how sweaters just shrink up when left in the drawer […]