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September 15, 2015
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October 23, 2015
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the heat over Frixion pens

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

In every class I teach where marking the fabric is involved, the topic of Frixion pens comes up. I use Frixion pens for some of my marking, but I am very careful about the placement of their marks. When Frixion pens first hit the quilting world, I did some experimenting on my own, and some research at the company website. Quilters love the nice fine line markings they make, and how easy it is to remove them with a little heat. I thought that a red line drawn by a Frixion pen would be a perfect marking for the red work embroidery I was doing at that time. The problem is…those markings are not really gone.

Here’s an article written by a quilter who did her own research, (click here), and who contacted the company to get their input. I will tell you that the critical temperature is 40 degrees. That’s the number given by the company back when I was researching this issue. Does the temperature where your quilt will be travelling ever drop below 40? If so, be very careful!! Don’t forget that when quilts travel through the mail, in the holds of airplanes or in the back of mail trucks, they may be exposed to much colder temps than the air in our homes. How about those of us who store our off season quilts in unheated basements or attics? Beware!


  1. Thanks, I wondered about that!

  2. I’ve been afraid of them…finally bought one. Glad to hear someone researched it.

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