Blog-chatting perks – we have a winner!

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June 17, 2015
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June 25, 2015
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Blog-chatting perks – we have a winner!

Hi everyone,

I am so bummed I had to miss the meeting again!! It seems that un-planned things always happen on Thursday, the Guild night?? yeah…last night was unexpected family shuffle as some were battling a little stomach bug that baby is giving everyone these days (but me! – grandma is immune! )

Oh well – maybe in July I will just take a day off when Guild night comes, ha ha!

In the meantime – using my coffee break here at work to quickly draw a winner of a surprise I promised, as I promised!!

So…what is the prize?? Maybe you guessed it already, but yes – it’s a BOOK! Book we talked about – IRICH CHAIN QUILTS, Contemporary Twist on Classic Design.


We had 8 guild members comment (so now we know what they are up to!), each got a number assigned in order of comments appearing – THANK YOU ALL!!! And on that photo you might have took a glimpse of the Random Number Generator that said that the book goes to……(drum roll !!!) …. number two comment…



Congrats Roxy!!! We need to get in touch so I can give you your new book. 🙂

By the way – I really like this one and I think we need it also in our Guild’s library – what do you say?

Also – have you found a good quilting book or new gadget lately? Care to share with everyone? PLEASE DO – let us know in the comments what other goodies are out there for us quilters?? 

Now have to run back to my test tubes and Petri dishes, coffee break is over! (well this one included Paula’s doughnuts too…. love my co-workers!)

I think I have another question coming for you all soon (and another prize?? 🙂  ) – stay tuned!

Wishing you all wonderful weekend celebrating all fathers everywhere!


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