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June 16, 2015
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June 19, 2015
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Are they done?

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Although that title could be about quilt projects, it’s actually about the maple helicopters, whirligigs, schizocarps or whatever you call them. It seems that this year’s crop is at least twice the size of a usual spring. Every garden bed needs another cleaning from them, both those just dry and dead and those that are starting to sprout. The pathways are loaded too–I’ve got work to do before the mulch can go down. In the middle of summer I love those lush maples, but now I hate them. And I haven’t even mentioned cleaning the gutters and the flat roof!!

I’ve been enjoying a new quilt book that just arrived. The Farmer’s Wife sampler (this is the 2nd book-using 30’s fabrics this time) is a project that intrigues me. I haven’t been enticed in the past to do any of the block compilation type quilts-Dear Jane quilts are well-known examples. Maybe some of you who like Jennifer Chiaverini’s books has been drawn to Sylvia’s wedding quilt. Have any of you made any of these types of quilts? How do you keep yourself motivated after 20 blocks or so when you’re not even half way to the goal?

Currently I’m working on a paper piecing project. Have you seen Alex Anderson’s paper piecing book? There’s a lovely sampler in it which uses some of my favorite blocks. One I have not paper pieced before, the New York Beauty, is included as well. The only really daunting part is the border of flying geese all the way around. I believe it’s 84 flying geese. I’ve been sewing a few in between the other blocks so I don’t get too overwhelmed by that number! Sometimes it’s better for me not to know how many pieces or parts I need for a project. I just jump in and start stitching them a bit at a time, adding them to a design wall. Then the fun of seeing the quilt emerge keeps me going on what might seem like drudgery.

Do you do more or less quilting during the summer months? Busy with too many baseball games, sailing races or garden beds? Or do the longer days with plenty of natural light keep you motivated, stitching on the porch with a nice grown up beverage?


  1. JoAnn Castiglia says:

    STILL working on my red work Xmas quilt. Sometimes I just put it away for awhile, but close enough that it stares back at me, reminding me to finish. Was struggling to thread my needle one day, and finally figured out why my grandmother sat by the dining room window. Bright natural sunlight!!

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