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May 9, 2015
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June 3, 2015
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Needle Knowledge

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

I know it’s a busy weekend for all of us, so I’ll keep this short. When I teach classes I am frequently asked questions about the needles I suggest. I usually will list the needle requirement for my classes as a microtex or sharp needle in a size 80/12 or 90/14, depending on what we will be sewing together. I used to buy all types of needles when they went on sale, but now have settled in to generally just using a sharp. (I have so many “quilting” needles that I could probably build things with them. I never buy universals anymore, and am making an effort to use up the ones I have. Maybe I’ll sell the rest at our upcoming guild garage sale! There’s a thought. (BTW did you know that your old sewing machine needles can be used as nails for hanging pictures when you’re in a pinch?) Here’s a quick video with some needle facts that may help you with questions you have about all those needles in the shops. And after you watch it, how about if you change the needle in your machine? Click here.

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