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April 13, 2015
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April 24, 2015
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Martha and quilts

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by such a volume of e-mail in the morning. I have begun to unsubscribe from those sources whose e-mails aren’t “fun” on a regular basis. One of those I’m thinking of dropping is from Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims. Very little is free there anymore, and it seems my taste in quilts is evolving away from the styles they feature. Today, however, as I scrolled down through their post looking for gems, I ran across this. I don’t think of Martha Stewart as a source for quilting information, but we know she collects all sorts of things. In this post she featured a group of patriotic quilts. She doesn’t own them all–she was just showcasing them. She does seem, in this video anyway, to have a sincere appreciation for the art. Some of the quilts are amazing. I particularly like the one with the embroidered stories of the presidents. See what catches your fancy. Click here.


  1. JoAnn Castiglia says:

    The blog I regularly visit is the Inbox Jaunt by Lori Kennedy. She teaches frequently about free motion quilting and her designs are great

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