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February 5, 2015
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February 16, 2015
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Ya Gotta Have Heart

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Happy Valentine’s Day. With this weather it’s a great day to sit inside and quilt. I’ve done a little search for some heart quilts that could be quick and easy-although you probably won’t get them done today for this year’s holiday, they could be easily finished in time for some other occasion needing heartfelt wishes.

log cabin heart (only 12 blocks): click here

hearts and chevrons (uses only half square triangles and snowball corners, can easily reduce the number of each needed for a smaller quilt): click here

pieced heart block (this is a 12″ block pattern, you can make just one for a small table mat or several for a baby quilt or more): click here

Since we’re a bit of the way through February, those of us  participating in the gifting challenge quilt-a-long should be on our 2nd quilty gift project. How are you coming along? I’ll fess up that my original idea for using a Jenny Doan video for disappearing pinwheels is stalled-not giving up on it though. I have finished up 2 UFO’s that will be holiday gifts. One is a set of “nesting” zippered pouches, and the other is a Christmas quilt which had been incomplete for about 2 years. I’m counting myself as “on track” for the challenge since I have gotten 2 gifts done to check off the list. How about you? Anyone willing to also fess up on your progress?

I try to get out seasonal quilts each month and I do have a few heart themed pieces around the place now. But I am thinking ahead to March and wondering what I’ll get out in the green leafy family. Maybe I could make something up to use myself and then pass along at Christmas time. Is that allowed? Regifting? Since shamrock leaves are basically 3 hearts joined, I think I might be able to use some of the techniques I linked to up above. Hmm…


  1. Irene Jones says:

    In January I finished a small embroidered Christmas tree with a cardinal on the top. I added two borders and machine quilted it. I already have two requests for the wall hanging. I found some squares from a previous class and made a runner top which I am going to use on the back of my couch.
    So far in February I have finished the snow buddies kit! I hope I can keep up with my projects!!! I enjoy your blogs. Thanks. Irene

  2. I decided to make a gift item each month for my quilt guild’s show this summer. In January I serged a rolled edge on a lovely brocade fabric to make a gift wrap cloth. For February I made a travel tray to hold miscellaneous items on the hotel dresser. If I make one each month I’ll have seven items to donate!

    • Mary Ellen says:

      A gift wrap cloth? Are you speaking of furoshiki wraps? So elegant looking, and a way to use our lovely fabrics without cutting them up too much. That’s a great idea for your guild’s show boutique. Can’t wait to hear what you come up with in the months to come.

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