2014 in review
December 30, 2014
One man’s trash…
January 16, 2015
2014 in review
December 30, 2014
One man’s trash…
January 16, 2015
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quilting the new year-2015 gifting challenge

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

I’m hoping that tomorrow will begin a return to normalcy around here. The holiday goodies are all gone-either eaten or discarded. The plan to get rid of excess avoirdupois is in place. The holiday quilts and decorations are coming down and being laundered a few at a time. That chore should be complete by the end of the week.

I’m ready to begin my new quilting-for-fun projects. How about you? Quilting for holiday gifting loses its charm after the 10th project or so. Part of my plan for this year is to spread those “gifty” projects throughout the year. I say we set a challenge for ourselves. Let’s complete one gift project per month through the year and report back here. In that gift project, try to incorporate something that will make it fun for you. I’ll remind us at the end of each month. Since we’re just starting this we’ll give our goal for this month now. As the year goes on, when we report on the month’s completion (we hope), we’ll set the next month’s goal at the same time.  To keep this achievable make it just 1 project per month if you want to join in. If your potential recipient is also a reader, you can cloak your monthly report in whatever verbal disguise you need.

Okay then. I’ll start us off. Most, but not all, of the quilt appreciators in my family already own a holiday lap size quilt from me. I have 2 to go. So my first goal is to make one from my holiday fabric stash. No new purchase is necessary. I’ve taken 2 online classes recently about machine quilting with a walking foot. I’ll use this holiday quilt as a practice piece for another quilting technique I’d like to try. I’m going to use a disappearing pinwheel technique from Jenny Doan’s Missouri Star Quilts as the pattern. That’s another thing I’ve found online that I want to try. (Here’s a link to the block I’m going to use. Click here.)

Please join in on the challenge and share your first goal for the year in the comments section. We’ll give encouragement, and maybe I can come up with a prize or two as an incentive to keep sewing!!


  1. Robi says:

    Avoirdupois…love it!! LOL
    I actually already started on a gift for next year. As for finishing…well, that’s a whole other story.

  2. Mary Ellen says:

    Somehow it sounds so much nicer than that 3 letter f** word! I don’t suppose that gift has a bazillion microscopic pieces in it. Or is a Bonni H mystery quilt?

  3. Marie says:

    This is a much smarter approach than cramming for that December deadline.
    Started my first project for January your post will keep me on task……. Hopefully.
    I have a question about seasonal quilt storage. What is the best method for storage of seasonal quilts when drawer space is limited?
    I have heard plastic totes are not the best. Any thoughts?

    • Marija says:

      Great question Marie! I guess it depends on the size of your quilts and what type of storage you DO have – so for example, if you have some closet space, get few of the pants/skirts hangers (with clips) and store small and medium size quilts like that? For big quilts, you can get few of those swimming pool “noodles” or other type of long pole and roll larger quilts around that and store upright in a closet corner.
      I have one of those upholstered benches in front of my bed that doubles as a storage box, so I keep some in there too. Plastic bins can be dangerous because of moisture and maybe bugs, but then – maybe those vacuumed storage bags can work? Didn’t try that myself though.
      Any other good ideas out there?

  4. Marija says:

    Excellent idea Mary Ellen!!! I was thinking about that exact goal for myself this year and kinda also thought how I would LOVE to have some group support for it, to keep me on track…and VOILA!!
    So here is my personal challenge: make (or finish) a quilt for EACH member of my family this year – one a month! (at least). Yes friends…as shameful as it sounds, not everyone in my family has a QUILT (as in at least lap size, or bed size quilt) from me…. (head hanging down in shame). The example/family story about that is that I still have one very colorful soccer-themed quilt that I started for our oldest son (yeah, one that is married and a father now!) that I never finished… At first thought he doesn’t want it any more really, but – WRONG! He does! So there – this WILL be my January project to finish!!

    WHO IS NEXT? :)

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