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August 3, 2014
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August 18, 2014
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Bonnie H update

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

We spent time yesterday at the museum getting the mailing of supply lists, etc for this fall’s seminar all set. They will be going out in today’s mail. Please pass the word to your friends who do not have the internet that they should be expecting them in a day or two. We set a record this year–16 mailings going to Canada! Several all the way in Toronto! We sent to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Long Island… More than half are to non-members; many out of the immediate area. Must be the avid readers of Bonnie Hunter’s blog. Right now, as you know if you are one of her subscribers, Bonnie is in Great Britain-London for the past day or two! She really gets around.

We have had a cancellation for a seat in her Crumb Piecing class. If you are interested, go to our guild page ( for registration information. If you are a member of our guild, you can find Jan’s contact information in our roster.

Yard work on the agenda for today. Another holiday project to begin after that. I’ll give you the details in the next post, continuing our Christmas in July (I know it’s August!) theme for a bit.


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