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June 18, 2014
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July 3, 2014
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Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

I finally got the mulch spread all over the flower beds. Wow, the body protests a full day of labor. Remember those days when we could work hard for 8 hours and then go partying until all hours? Those days are long gone for me. I still enjoy the parties, but the recovery period is a killer. I should buy stock in one of the analgesic companies!

Cool feather block. Great for Gen X’ers or scrap hoarders: click here.

Very cute for fashionistas of any age: click here.

She calls it a scrapbuster, but I think this block would be nice in coordinated fabrics too. How about shades of one color, or for honey bun strips? click here.

Just finished up a series of classes for beginners. Thinking about what new projects to do when the class series is repeated in the fall. The first class was based on the rail fence block-learning about safe use of a rotary cutter, 1/4″ seams, pressing/ironing, etc.  Here’s a great rail fence block quilt, that doesn’t look like a rail fence until you really disect the parts. Would be a great quick pattern for all sorts of occasions, for quilters of any skill level. The more you know about quilting, the faster this one will go together.  click here

Back to summer time activities-soon I’ll have to return to the machine to actually do some stitching instead of just “virtually” quilting across the web.  TTFN!

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