March 31, 2014
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April 8, 2014
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Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

I know we have quite a few Kim Diehl fans in our bunch. This slideshow came in my e-mail today from The Quilt Show (the Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims adventure). Even with my lowly free membership I still get good things to watch and try out. Here’s a link (click here) to a slideshow of Kim Diehl’s quilts staged in her own home. Wow, I’m jealous of such lovely surroundings! Kim is doing some workshops and an evening trunk show for the shop Material Rewards in Dansville, NY. It’s not far from here, certainly close enough for a road trip if you love Kim’s work.

Our seminar brochure is at the printers and will be ready for members to pick up when you visit our guild’s quilt show next weekend (April 11-13,2014). I’ve also sent the information to our webmaster, so it will be appearing at our web page (link in the side bar) as well before long. We’ve gotten many inquiries from Bonnie Hunter fans from far and wide, so I’m guessing that Bonnie’s followers are as avid as Kim’s. Hoping to see many of you at seminar this fall. I think Marija has come up with a nice collection of classes taught by local teachers too. Many of you wrote in past seminar evaluations that you would enjoy classes on a variety of techniques, not always “quilting” per se, and more projects that can be completed in the day. I think that Marija has done a great job in addressing those requests. Hopefully you will agree.

Getting excited for our own quilt show. Today and tomorrow are the drop off days for items entered in the show. I’m hoping to snoop a bit when I take my own things to the Village for drop off. (I keep wanting to call it the museum, but it’s not that any longer. When I’ve asked why the staff is moving away from the museum moniker, I’ve been told that “museum” implies more of a “stand back and look” at static exhibits kind of approach. Our village is aiming to be more of a hands on, get involved, living history sort of place. I can buy that, so I’m trying to train myself to call it the village too.)

TTFN! Have a great day.


  1. JoAnn Castiglia says:

    Mary Ellen, thanks for the links. I always check a few out. Very informative and inspiring.

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